Embossing Roller

Embossing Roller

Embossing Roller Manufacturer with the sophisticated Digi laser technology. The best of materials, latest techniques, skilled human resources, supplemented by strict quality control and prompt delivery schedules, all create products that serve our customers' specific requirements. These rollers find extensive use in engraving on PVC Leather Cloth, PU Leather, PVC Sheet, tissue paper, figure glass, PP, PE sheets, wallpaper, and floorings. Embossing rollers are mainly used for engraving patterns on any surface, and it improves the design of the product and upgrades its appearance.

What does Embossing Roller do?

Embossing rollers are used to produce Embossed patterns. Embossing is the most common method for attracting attention or conveying a high-quality textural difference about the paper stock's surrounding area. Debossing is similar to embossing, except instead of elevating the design, it recesses it.

Advantages of Embossing Roller

The design of embossing rollers benefits a wide range of production operations, including:
  • Agricultural film and garbage bags
  • Personal safety equipment that isn't too heavy (gloves and aprons)
  • Films for the medical business that act as a barrier (gowns, drapes and dental bibs)
  • Foodservice bags or sheets that have been vacuum-sealed
  • Image embossed on the packaging film or a tear strip
  • Wet wipes (film bonded to tissue for paper towels)
  • Nonwovens hygienic film (diapers, feminine hygiene)
  • Film and film/tissue tablecloths

Embossing Roller Uses

Glass embossing, paper embossing, lamination foil embossing, and leather embossing are all examples of materials that can be embossed. Maintains mirror surface precision in flatness, balance, un-roundness, and shaft alignment.

Why Choose Anar Rub Tech?

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd has been the Best Embossing Roller Manufacturers for more than two decades. We provide a wear-resistant embossing roller, and our roller is known for its high-quality steel and extreme hardness and depth. The products are machined and engraved with complete precision. We provide distinguished and exclusive products that will make your company and brand stand out.

Anar Rub Technology Pvt. Ltd. is now the most sought-after supplier of embossing rolls due to our consistently high-quality products and our knowledge of situations where having extra rolls in-stock can help our customers avoid significant downtime.

Types of industries In Which Embossing rollers are used: -

There are many industries in which the embossing roller is being used, and some sectors are directly dependent on these rollers and Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd has a vast knowledge and has the upper hand; also, we have many experts for such industry who have helped Anar Rub Tech in the research and development of this roller for their industry so that we can become the best among others.

Enlighten some of the industries in which Embossing Roller is being used: Corrugated Cardboard Print, Flexible Packaging, Coating and Lamination, Tissue Roll, Non-woven Fabric, and many more.